Increased YoY ROAS by 68% and Decreased the CAC by 44% for Established Beauty Brand Ciate

What isĀ Streetbees?

Ciate London is a trend-setting British beauty brand, known for its innovative but accessible approach to everyday beauty.


  • Ad performance got severely hurt by iOS14 update with negative ROAS and CPAs 3 to 34 times what they were pre iOS14.

What we did

  • Optimised the FB account structure following post iOS14 best practices (campaigns and audience consolidation, broad audience targeting and CAPI tracking) to optimize the algorithm targeting.
  • Tested a larger range of ad creatives (static, UGC, PR and whitelisted ads) and enhanced product pages more systematically to improve ads and website conversion rate.
  • Provided insights on AOV optimisation and product marketing to maximise the ROAS.


  • Increased ROAS + 68% and CPA - 44% YoY
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