Building a paid social expertise pole for Accelerator Distill Ventures´ 20+ portfolio brands

What is Distill Ventures?

Distill Ventures is a Diageo-backed accelerator that provides investment and support for spirits entrepreneurs who want to create the global drinks brands of the future.


  • Paid social advertising was untapped with no expertise inside the group to guide the brands on strategy, best practices and direct execution and optimisation.

What we did

  • Implemented paid social test and learn processes to help brands find their online market fit and shape their growth narrative to support their fundraising efforts.
  • Provided on-going support regarding post iOS14 account structure, ad creative testing, reporting and landing page optimisations.
  • Kicked-off and scaled growth for 10+ brands in 4 different countries.


  • + $32M additional funding raised in first 18 months.
  • One portfolio company acquired by Diageo in late 2022.
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