Increased x5 customer base YoY for Healthtech Startup Hertility

What is Hertility?

Hertility is a London based health tech company in its way to revolutionize women reproductive health. It helps women identify fertility and hormone issues beforehand and recommend the right treatment.


  • Lack of proper tracking: The ad account suffered from poor tracking which was impacting negatively the performance attribution.
  • Limited range of creatives: The team was testing a limited range of static and video creatives that were not native to the FB and IG feed.
  • Non-optimized homepage: Paid social users were firstly directed to the homepage which lacked critical information such as the key benefits of Hertility treatments, social proof elements such as reviews and testimonials as well as the technical elements justifying the £150 kit price (vs a simple free visit to the NHS which many people assumed was enough).
  • All those elements combined led to a high CPA that was limiting our chances to scale paid social.

What we did

  • Restructured the ad account to follow Meta post-iOS14 best practices of consolidating campaigns, implementing CAPI tracking and targeting broader audiences. More importantly, we structured the campaigns into two main sections: one optimised to generate qualified leads (completed health assessments) and the second converting those prospect audiences into kit purchasers. Segmenting the sales funnel in two distinct parts to be optimised separately made a massive difference.
  • Tested more consistently a larger range of creatives, more native to the feed (UGC, static, performance PR ads, whitelisted influencer content), which resonated extremely well with our audiences.
  • Tested new landing pages and listicles such as “4 reasons why you should test your hormones and fertility.”


  • x5 paid social acquired customer based in 2022, while keeping the CPA under target to a positive ROAS on first purchase.
  • +450% revenue growth.
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