Generated 10-22 Return on Ad Spend For DisneyWorld Premium Soccer Academy in the first 90 days

What is IdeaSport?

IdeaSport is an Orlando-based (US) premium soccer academy for 5-18, partnered with DisneyWorld. They offer yearly soccer training programs ranging between $2,000 and $4,000.

IdeaSport positions itself as delivering a premium training, with european-trained coaches, and customer experience (leveraging DisneyWorld ESPN sport facilities).


  • No scalable online channels nor proper online funnel to generate qualified leads of local parents.

What we did

  • Structured a proper online funnel to convert website visitors into leads (booking a free session) with a dedicated homepage, form and tracking.
  • Structured a proper sales process with the local team to convert those leads into purchasers.
  • Tested multiple ad creatives, offers and landing pages to scale paid social lead generation.


  • Generated 100s of local leads under $15, in line with target and in less than 4 weeks.
  • Generated between 10 and 22x Return On Ad Spend, with a closing conversion rate of 10%, with an average CAC of $150 for the following 12 months period, assuming a $2,000 package purchase.
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