Scaled 3.5x YoY Customer Base for Mobile Challenger Bank Pockit

What is Pockit?

Pockit is a UK based mobile banking app for the financially excluded population. It provides people who can't open a high-street bank account with a current account and a prepaid debit card.


  • No clear scalable channel to scale beyond affiliate and paid search.

What we did

  • Opened and scaled paid social channel from scratch.
  • Tested series of ad creatives, copy, landing pages and offers with proper tracking.
  • Managed growth channel mix to keep FB advertising as a long term back up growth channel, prioritizing higher quality traffic channels, including door-to-door marketing and ambassador program.


  • Grew Pockit customer base 3.5x (from 90,000 to roughly 300,000 cards ordered) and revenue 5x.
  • Fully opened the paid social channel, responsible for up to 50% of user acquisition.
  • Established Pockit as #3 UK challenger bank.
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