Generated 3,143x more Leads Than #1 Industry Leader In High Stake Project for Early Stage Market Research Startup Streetbees

What is Streetbees?

Streetbees is a mobile-based marketplace connecting consumer brands with real people on the ground to gather real-time insights.

For example, if Unilever were to launch a new kid toothpaste in Indonesia and needed to know beforehand how local moms brush their kid's teeth, Streetbees would build a market research survey, find Indonesian moms to answer it and send the insights back to the client.


  • A prestigious UK publication reached out to Streetbees (in addition to more established market research companies) as they planned to publish for the first time an exhaustive ranking of the US universities.
  • The project required to reach 60,000+ US college students over 1,300 specific universities with a 33 question long survey.
  • We had to convince students to fill the survey for free or this operation was not profitable for us.

What we did

  • Structured the funnel with a conversion-optimised landing page, leading to a mobile-friendly survey, one question per page (33 pages) to be able to track the whole user journey.
  • Tested a series of creatives and offers on paid social until we identified a winning combination that helped us scale the campaign and reach the targets.


  • Over-delivered at 6% above target as we acquired in total 63,681 students over 1,325 universities (vs 60,000 target) for a FB cost of acquisition under 25% below target ($1.5 vs 2$).
  • We beat Ipsos, the survey industry leader by generating 3,143x more volumes.
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